Thisquietarmy-can+DŌMU Leipzig-bells echo @ AKKO Hummus Bar, Leipzig [20. Mai]

Thisquietarmy-can+DŌMU Leipzig-bells echo

20:00 - 23:00

AKKO Hummus Bar
Walter-Heinze-Straße 3, 04229 Leipzig
is the music project of Montreal-based artist Eric Quach, a pioneer of the Canadian experimental music scene. Revolving around improvised guitar drone and by combining textural & structural elements of ambient/noise, electronic/shoegaze, post-punk/krautrock, black/doom metal, thisquietarmy creates a wide range of dynamic soundscapes which oscillates between repetitive dreamy minimalism, multi-layered noise textures and electronic industrial beats.

Since 2005, thisquietarmy has put out over 40 releases on more than 25 different labels such as Consouling Sounds, Denovali Records, Aurora Borealis, Alien8 Recordings, Shelter Press & three:four Records. His vast discography also includes collaborations with Aidan Baker (Nadja), Scott Cortez (loveliescrushing), André Foisy (Locrian), Labirinto, Monarch, Noveller, Syndrome (Amenra), USA Out of Vietnam, Year Of No Light & Yellow6, and has taken part in other projects such as Hypnodrone Ensemble & Destroyalldreamers.

With a large body of work and 450 live performances in 35 countries, including performances at esteemed festivals such as Drone Activity in Progress for Red Bull Music Academy (Montreal), Nemo Digital Arts Biennale (France), Incubate Festival (Netherlands), Le Guess Who? (Netherlands), Dunk! Festival (Belgium), Amplifest (Portugal), Denovali Festival (Germany), Drone Celebration (Argentina), Moving Noises (Germany), Suoni Per Il Popolo (Canada) & Zemlika (Latvia).

He also collaborates with Philippe Leonard (16mm film loops, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) as an A/V duo, performing at film festivals such as: Mono No Aware Cinema Arts festival (New York), Filmmaker Festival (Milan) & Analogica Festival (Bolzano).


Earth splits into pieces, rhythms running out of forests, lights breaks the ocean. Nothing matters after crossing the barrier in-between the comfortable zone and whats behind. Search your focus in the strange. Feel free for feeling. Never forget your senses. Welcome into the world of DŌMU.
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