Shameless Comedy Showcase @ Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig [13. Juni]

Shameless Comedy Showcase

20:00 - 23:00

Noch Besser Leben
Merseburger Str. 25, 04229 Leipzig-Plagwitz, Sachsen, Germany
The last SHAMELESS OF THE SEASON!!! It's on now, Leipzig! Bringing you the a Berlin Experience with a NYC twist — these over privileged expats will entertain you!

***************Doors 8.00pm / show starts 8:30pm SHARP*************


SPECIAL GUEST! Michael Hackett
Michael Hackett is a Manchester born comedian who performs stand-up around the UK, Europe and Australasia.
In 2017 he debuted his first solo show Giant Misfit as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Off the back of this he was signed by AEH and invited to host the UK’s sellout Octoberfest to 2,500 people.

Soon after Michael released his second solo show Giantology which, taken on a world tour, received great critical acclaim.
Now, gearing up for the second half of 2018, he has recently released his first novel ‘Gobsmacked!’ which is based on bizarre stories from when he was a dentist.
For live performance, he is aiming to break his personal record by performing two different solo shows back to back, daily during the entire run of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The first evening show “Mike’s Back” will be at 6.45pm in the Cabaret Voltaire (Blaire Street). This will be about crazy stories that have happened to him since leaving dentistry. The second of the night “The Late Mike Show” will be in The Caves (Niddry Street) at 10.45pm. This will be for the wilder audience, where the subjects and insights played with will be a lot more raucous.
When it comes to how he got here and long before his comedy career began, Michael trained as a dentist but realized he didn’t fit it. Besides being a massive 6’7”, struggling with the pretense of it all he soon found himself fired as the dentist at a maximum-security prison. Moving to London but only descending further, he worked dismal stints in beauty salons and varying dental clinics until finally he’d had enough.
To the shock of medical friends and the disappointment of his family, Michael jacked in his life’s career to set upon a journey of discovery… a journey that wouldn’t be smooth.
As his first move, he eloped to clown school in Paris. Unfortunately, finding he didn’t fit in with clowns either, he was kicked off their Christmas show so left to join the circus as a double trapeze artist. One year in and not getting much better, he tearfully saw his left testicle damaged by his trapeze partner swinging off it by mistake. This was when the real change happened. Maybe it was the excruciating pain that caused Michael to see the light or maybe it was something else, but on recovery, and doing what he really should have done in the first place, finally he picked up the mic!
His first show was in Sheffield in a small pub, playing to 30 people. It went well. He was on stage for 13 minutes which, for a beginner, was longer than most. Performing hour solo shows and going from strength to strength, he now plays to audiences of several hundred, sometimes thousands and, loving every minute of it, has never looked back.
With the wildest stories to tell and the some of the most insightful life lessons learned, Michael’s style is rogue, his experience unique. This, combined with such playfulness, is why he is now fast becoming one of the most exciting people to watch…. and laugh with!

Wynton Kelly Stevenson came to Berlin in 2007 to care for his father Rudy, who had been a highly respected regular in the Berlin Jazz scene since the early 1980s. Influenced by his father’s passion, Wynton developed his own signature style playing gigs at nightclubs, bars and on the streets of Berlin. He has performed for Zitty, MTV, ExBerliner, with Savion Glover and at the JVZ Jazz Festival, to name a selection of recent gigs. His new project with his bandmate Batsauce “Ducktape” features Wynton’s familiar harmonica talents as well as vocals and synthesisers.


Liliana Velasquez M. — Founder and principal member of the Freudian Slip Club, Liliana has taken on many roles throughout her career as a performer as well as acted as a model, actress and Tango teacher in both Berlin and New York. Liliana Velasquez grew up bi-culturally in the Americas, with a passion for movement and performance. After beginning her studies in dance at a young age, she studied jazz, folk, modern and tango throughout her childhood and as a young adult. After moving to New York City to study fashion design and theater, she was employed as a choreographer at the Queens Museum and produced monthly shows at the Kraine Theater, Dixon Place Theater and the Producers Club. Since arriving in Berlin in 2014, Liliana has written and created the magical life of Tango Vaudeville Berlin and Sunday Slips. Her autobiographic solo show “Suitcase Stability” portrays her many adventures and transformations and received positive reviews.

Tickets 8 euros
Students 5 euros
Leipzig-Card holders 5 euros

Doors 8.00 pm / show starts 8:30pm SHARP
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